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Water Utility

Water Quality Report 
(Water Quality Reports are distributed by July 1st and results are for the previous year)

Our History

In 1978, the Town of Jupiter purchased its water system from Tri-Southern Utilities.  At the time, the system's average daily flow was only 2.5 million gallons per day and served a population of approximately 15,000 people.

Today, your utility is capable of producing 30 million gallons a day of ultra-pure drinking water.  It serves more than 80,000 people living in Jupiter, Juno Beach and unincorporated areas of Palm Beach and Martin Counties.

What Sets Us Apart

In 1990, Jupiter Utilities looked into the future.  We studied anticipated growth, reviewed the impact of that growth on natural resources, and researched the most advanced water systems in the country to formulate a safer, more environmentally friendly water utility.  The result was the creation of a reverse osmosis (RO) program, which stands as one of the largest brackish water desalination programs in the United States today. The water plant is capable of producing over 70% of our current average daily supply by desalination.  This allows us to maximize the preservation of fresh water for our local environment in times of prolonged drought.

The Town of Jupiter Utilities has recently implemented the nanofiltration treatment which has replaced the older conventional lime softening water treatment facility.  Nanofiltration, like reverse osmosis, utilizes advanced membrane treatment technology to remove undesirable dissolved constituents from the groundwater.  It is considered the ultimate barrier against virus and bacteria that can be found in raw water.  The nanofiltration process utilizes the fresh shallow aquifer as its supply. The reverse osmosis process utilizes brackish water from the deep Floridan Aquifer.  Both RO and nanofiltration processes operate by forcing raw water under a high pressure through a semipermeable membrane that is capable of separating contaminants from the flow stream as a function of the membrane's chemical and physical properties.

Our Vision

The Town’s water utility system is committed to maintaining its established role in the industry as a standard of excellence with a commitment to a sustainable community in concert with our unique environment.

 Jupiter's water treatment facility now only includes the most advanced treatment technologies providing even better drinking water with even less demand on our local fresh water resources.

Giving You Our Best

Did you know that residents of Jupiter have the best drinking water in the Southeast United States?  Jupiter Utilities has received many awards for water treatment excellence.  A few of the most recent awards include:  2008 Safe Drinking Water Act Excellence Award for Large Ground Water Public Water Supply Utilities by The Environmental Protection Agency; 2008 & 2009 Plant Operations Excellence Award by The Department of Environmental Protection; and 2008, 2009, & 2010 Outstanding Class "A" Water Treatment Plant Award by The Florida Section of the American Water Works Association.    In fact, over the past two decades, your water utility has been honored by more than 40 awards for excellence in operations, treatment and drinking water.
For a list of awards presented to Jupiter Utilities, Click Here.


In 2009 the Department of Environmental Protection preformed a Source Water Assessment on our system. The assessment was conducted to provide information about any potential sources of contamination in the vicinity of our wells. There are three potential sources of contamination identifi ed for this system with High to Low susceptibility levels. The assessment results are available on the FDEP Source Water Assessment and Protection Program website at or Click Here for a direct link to the results.

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